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Pourelle Cosmetics

Pourelle Cosmetics: Giving your Face a clear glow

In this fast world and the gross polluting effects of cars and factories, your face cannot escape the dusty touch. Thus, in order to keep a clean and clear visage, it becomes essential to ward off the free radicals and disturbing elements. Otherwise, you seem to age fast and the pores constrict leading to wrinkles. Pourelle Cosmetics is a steady and definite way of solution for you.

Together with its 4 sharply chosen variations; it ensures that your face retains its baby glow and freshness of life. These are eye collagen; peel off, cosmetics and an ampoule containing necessary mechanized liquid. If your eyes suffer dark circles and petty wrinkles, you can depend on the eye collagen. Cosmetics are meant to add verve and glamour to your already clean face. It’s the peel off that is perhaps the most important of its dispensations.

Pourelle believes in a solid formulation, and it indulges eminent vitamins and minerals plus its trump card in Marine Collagen. When you mix the formulation with water in a 1:3 ratio, the eventual layering mask is palpably brilliant. You feel and look anew when you take off the mask. The more dust you have gathered; the better the effects.

Marine Collagen is an effective answer to skin ageing and wrinkles. The mask works to three-fold benefits. It seeps into your inner pores improving your blood circulation; the water retention also helps your skin to be lot more flexible after the process. Added to that, you have a gorgeous glow restored to your face. Look ahead!

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