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Paint - This new range of Paints from the house of essie will definitely give you individuality and will differentiate you from any other lady who walks beside you. Now you have the chance to indulge in your fantasies with the all-new range of paints that will give your nail an astonishing look. There are 32 products in this category out of which 29 products are named under the brand name of "It's So Easy Stripe-Rite Paint & Glitter" and 3 products named under the "Kami Acrylic Paints" brand name. The It's So Easy Stripe-Rite Paint and Glitter features one-step striping in a bottle with no clean up. The paints are water based which makes it easy to remove from the nail with the help of water or alcohol without disturbing the nail polish. Both the paint and glitter is used to generate dimensional effect. The design should be finished off with a topcoat to get beautifully designed nails. This range is good for the personal use. All the It'S So Easy Stripe-Rite Paint and Glitter vial contains .25 oz. The Kami Acrylic Paints comes in a pack of 12 different colors of .25 oz. each, one mini nail art brush and a nail bonder / sealer of .25 oz. The Kami Acrylic Paints are available in 3 different sets they are Earth Tones, Hot colors and Pastels. The Kami Acrylic paints gives a rich and vibrant color that is perfect for natural and artificial nails. The Kami Acrylic paint set is very much useful for the nail art designers. The It'S So Easy Stripe-Rite Paint & Glitter are available in 29 different shades and colors like Black, Blue Metal, Blue Metallic, Copper Metal, Glitter Blue, Glitter Gold, Glitter Green, Glitter Lavender, Glitter Multi Gold, Glitter Multi Silver, Glitter Pink, Glitter Red, Glitter Silver, Gold Metal, Gold Metallic, Lavender Metal, Purple, Red Metal, Red, Rose Metallic, Sea Green Metallic, Silver Metal, Silver Metallic, Azure, Brown, Green, Light Pink, White and Yellow. The paints introduced by the nail polish will certainly give a huge range of colors and make the nail art quick and simple.

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