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OPI Bonding Agents

No one likes nails that fall off or chip, especially when they've paid a professional to create their beautiful acrylic nails for them.  That's why manicurists everywhere know to use a good bonding agent so the acrylic will really stick to that nail surface.  OPI's Professional line offers two great bonding products for the nail surface. 

OPI Professional - Bondex Acrylic Bonding Agent .25 Oz. will provide a strong and long-lasting bond between the nail keratin and acrylic surface without the use of Metharcrlic Acid, which can be harmful to the nails.  This bonding agent won't cause burning or etching on the nails so they remain smooth and ready for the acrylic application.  Plus there's no foul odor to turn off your clients to getting their nails done. 

OPI Professional - Bond Aid pH Balancing Agent 1/2 Oz. is the other great bonding agent offered in this line.  Apply it to the surface before using primer, polish or glue and your acrylic will stay on longer.  Bond Aid works by balancing the pH level of the nail surface so the polish or glue will adhere better and create a much stronger bond.   

These are products no professional stylist or manicurist can do without.  Your clients will thank you.

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