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                Are your nails beginning to look old as you age?  Or is it being an embarrassment to you while you are having close conversations to other people?  Does it look yellowish and dehydrated?  Nailtiques has all the products needed to recover your nails from slowly being devoid of life.  Dehydrated nails do look dead and boring, unhealthy and unclean.  It is acceptable to use fake nails, sometimes, but it is best when you can also flaunt what is beneath.  Hydrated nails look healthy and appealing. 


Nails get dehydrated and it becomes brittle.  Nailtiques Nail Lacquers of different shades and gloss saves nails from weakening and thinning and eventually breaking.  Choose what is more sight-catching and enjoy the admiration of others, secondary to strengthening the nails.  Acetone in Nail Polish removers, add to the drying up which discolors and dehydrates the nails.  Do it right with Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover.  It is acetone-free, as the name suggests, but aloe and conditioners, acting deep within might be a plus to make it your ideal polish remover.  Its action does not end with removing the nail polish, it acts on your skin and nails leaving a totally healthy and hydrated nails. 


Nailtiques Sampler Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3, are all starter kits, which give your nails a chance to recover from all possible nail problems you may have at present at a very cheap cost.  These formulas help the nails to stimulate growth of non-fragile nails, healthy and strong.  There are Oil Therapy available in different sizes, for trial, Oil Therapy .25 oz, and Oil Therapy 2 oz, for regular use.  When you work too much and you have no time to do your nails or pay a visit to salons, it is best to use Oil Therapy to avoid having a stressed, all-dried-up looking fingernails, and it is also best for the toe nails which has been unnoticed forming unsightly callus and unhappy cuticles.


Nailtiques Files 12-pk helps you achieve the finish you want for your nails.  The grit is super fine and gentle that does not rip off even the natural or artificial nails it is best for both. 


On to a healthy lifestyle, start with your nails.  Do the basics, use Nailtiques and uncover the beauty of your hands.  Show off to the world that it is not just about the face but every inch that makes an even more beautiful YOU!

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