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Creative Design's Nail Tips are strong, affordable and just what every manicurist needs.  These tips aren't for the moderate fashionistas.  No, they are bold and funky so get ready for an eye-catching look.  When you apply these nails hold on to your seats cause they have sharp curves and are quick blending. 

Every French manicure starts with a good nail and the Creative Nail Design White Radical French is just what's needed.  This nail is white to reduce the need for additional gels and enamels and comes in a wide range of sizes so you can make sure you get the right size for the right client. 

In fact all of Creative Nail's Nail Tips come in a range of sizes to make it easier for you to find the right fit.  An improperly sized nail can be uncomfortable for the client or can look unattractive, but there's no need to worry with these nail tips as they come in sizes #1 through #10.  

Those who want to maximize their versatility versus money should opt for the Creative Nail Design Clear Formation.  This is the most versatile of Creative Nail Design Nail Tips and fits easily with many different nail shapes on your clients.  The 'C' curve is gentle so little interference with daily activities and the nail tips have a full contact area for better adhesion.

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