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IBD Nailglue

For Salon innovation and excellence in professional UV Gel and adhesive, IBD is a force to be reckoned with their complete line of best quality UV Nail Gel-IBDproducts. Every item from IBD is unique and most effective for the individuals, nail professionals, beauty industries and salon applications. You would not be wrong, if somebody says that IBD takes nail care industry into future. IBD Grip Monomer 4oz. has special features of UV blocker and superior adhesion, without yellowing. IBD Transluscent Flex Powder and IBD Bright White Flex Powder are totally different than common acrylics. With feature of triple milled, it tenders maximum flexibility without any cracking, lifting or bubbles and also sets instantly. In the same way IBD 5 5 Second Nail Filler Powder 4 gm. offers the user, fastest set time by resisting moisture for speed tip repairs and applications. IBD Opalescence Color Gel Collection has varieties of gel to make your nail rock-hard without chipping or peeling.

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