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Hand & Body Lotion

Savor the flavors with a multitude of Hand and Body lotions and washes for your skin.  There's nothing more refreshing than some time spent pampering your body and your skin will thank you for these tasty new scents. 

If you are looking to be one with nature seek out Wildflower & Chamomile Hand & Body Wash 8.3 Oz. with its hint of flowers and soothing chamomile scent.  This makes the perfect wash to calm down before bedtime.  Another great lotion to calm the mind and body is Cuccio Lavender Hand Protection Lotion to not only protect the skin but relax the body with its soothing lavender. 

Those looking to start the day with some pep or who just need a pick me up from the long day at work can rub in some Birch & Mint Hand & Body Lotion 8.3 Oz. or Apple & Cinnamon Hand & Body Lotion 8.3 Oz. to refresh your senses and reawaken you to the day.  Plus the Apple and Cinnamon will remind you of home cooked meals and mom's apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

Lotion fanatics interested in unusual pairings can sample the Pear & Dandelion Hand & Body Wash 8.3 Oz. and if you want to go off to the tropics we suggest Essie Smoothie - Cranberry-Tangerine 8oz or Essie Smoothie - Lemon-Guava 8oz.  It's like you've got a great tropical drink for the skin!

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