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Most fashion-conscious people carry a comb in their back pockets, but very few realize that different hair and hairstyle relate to different combs and paddles. Here is a smart collection of diverse hair brushes that offers genteel and wholesome treatment for your locks.

Cricket is perhaps the best offering in antistatic category. You can go fast with Fast Flow or part out charge with static free. Traditional Styling offers the general way of combing with special flavor.

Ceramic products have a good volume; from thermal ceramic brushes that process hair through heat to Natural Bristle Brushes with Brussels stuck on a feathery cushion. Jeli Ceramica Brush has heat-resistant brushes and convenient handle. It creates sufficient heat to enable proper hair treatment. If you have a thickset of raised strands, invest in Pornette Porcupine. It has a mix of boar bristles that style and nylon bristles that intrude into the thickset.

There is an accumulation of combs to answer different demands. Rattail comb is for thin and flexible strands that don’t require much work. Double Strand comb is for holding layers and settling one into other. Prong Steel has teasers to ruffle your hair and downward prongs to mechanize hair. Serrated comb is for holding bunch of strands and ensuring individual treatment of strands.

Even the paddles are specialized. If your hair has inconveniently muddled after a bath, you can utilize detangler. Paddle brush and cushion brush both offer privileged treatment to our tresses; the latter with a foamy touch.

Of course, your combs and paddles gather broken hair after styling your hair and need periodic cleaning. King Research Brush Delite Sanitizer takes care of intermingled hair on your comb bristles within 60 minutes. Thus, your combs get ready to do what they need to. With this collection, you will never have a Bad Hair Day.

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