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GIGI Waxing

GIGI has really defined the art of waxing for the shore-driven tropical women out there. If you are one of the crowd and abhor the bikini lines or hair growing there, get yourself pampered with this wholesome collection. You have the veritable wax warmer, lotions, cleansers and shavers. You also have applicators, cooling gels, muslin straps and spatulas engaged in wonderful waxing kits available at GIGI. 

The wax warmer is a wonderful artifice, replete with a thermostat-controlled outfit. You have levers for temperature control and the lights go off after the wax reaches its necessary heat. The process comes off within 30 minutes. You can then choose the specific locations and wax yourself with the help of sterilized muslin straps. Earlier, people would use strips of homely muslin cloths, but that may be unhygienic. GIGI Waxing is a charmer in aesthetics and the process seems overwhelmingly professional, especially when it comes to bikini waxing. 

There are assisting scents and fragrances too to give you a thorough Brazilian experience. You will benefit from specialized antiseptic lotions. If you have problems with these, you may alternatively wallow yourself in baby oil. Applicators are necessary in marking and threading process, and these kits make it a painless process.        

Remember to use thinner cloths on your face than on body. Engage into the process with patience if you do it yourself. Rushing it up may lose uneven patches of hair or even scraps. The Facial Honee Wax is quite effective after being warmed, and helps you glow under the Sun.  

Go GIGI Waxing with freedom!

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