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Epillyss offers advanced depilatory products and solutions for beauty therapists and waxing professionals. Epillyss depilatory solutions are an assortment of depilatory gels, waxes and pre/post waxing products. Epillyss waxes are designed to melt at low heat for client’s comfort. Unique and patented ingredients make these products extremely effective. You can choose unique solutions for depilation based on your client’s skin type and type of hair that has to be depilated.

Epillyss range of Luke warm waxes includes White queen, sensitive skin, Azulen and naturally honey waxes. Luke warm white queen is one of best selling Epillyss waxes. It is white in color and has creamy texture. Special touch of zinc oxide in white queen helps in purifying the skin and protecting it from UV rays. Luke warm wax sensitive skin is butterscotch in color and is fortified with marine collagen that moisturizes, softens the skin while stimulating the skin tightening component. Luke warm Azulen wax is apple green in color and is fortified with Azulen.  Azulen is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It is efficient on skin inflammations, eczema and psoriasis.  Naturally honey wax is honey colored and is fortified with natural honey. All waxes from Epillyss are fortified with Citronella essential oil.

Epillyss range of depilatory gels includes gel Millenia, Gel Novatherm, Gel Sensor and Gel chocolate. All Epillyss gels are fortified with Bloresin C3.  Bloresin provides vasolidator effect and reduces traction to skin.  Bloresin reduces redness, swelling and pain associated with depilation process. Epillyss also offers Magnolia pre-depilatory gel, Aloe post depilatory gel and Vitamin E post depilatory. It also offer Epillyss wax trial kit and Epillyss Duo pill waxing kit. Epillyss products are specially formulated to suit all skin types. Use of essential oils and fortifying ingredients make Epillyss depilatory products world class. They improve client’s comfort during the depilation process.

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