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Creative Nail Design

If you want a one stop-shop for nails; full with adornment, strengthening, retention of color and addition of nail clips, Creative Nail design is the way to go. It has sensational coverage for nails in distinct categories.

Regarding its kits, its monumental version is the Radical Kit for different and cherished treatment of nails. It comes with pink and white powder, potent liquid, gritting pad and scrubber all sold at enailsupply. There is nail enamel too for strengthening. For full strength and retention of core, retention kit helps the best. It has similar content but it can work on natural and artificial nails with efficiency.

If you root for sparkles on your nail coat, you may indulge in 5 distinct CND glitters; silver, gold, red, blue and pewter. The nail specialization can be affected through retention and sculpting liquid. The etching and designing occurs forcefully on three base retentions; which are clear, sheer coat of intense pink and deep coat of white.

Acrylic liquid products comprise of 21 specialties; prominent among them being acid free primer. This helps maintain pH value and removes chances of staining or discoloration. Retention and sculpting liquid both do their supposed work effectively. You can leave the bother about polish remove too through these products.

Those who fancy acrylic powders will get desired appeal in pink, natural, clear, white and soft tones. For example, clear tone offers watery outlook on the nails once the powder hardens and dries, which takes very little time.

Nail tips are another fanciful availability in 5 compositions. Clear and natural tones come both in eclipse and velocity types. The artificial nail tips are thinly jointed, but create a sharp curve nonetheless. The final effect is simply awesome and almost real.

You can also have performance nail additions to your natural ones without any danger to the nails. Summing up, Creative Nail Design rocks!

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