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Creative Nail Design

Creative nail designs are known for creating nail care products that not only beautify your nails but also promote overall wellness of your nails. CND offers varied range of nail care products that are designed to add style to your nail. CND shellac allows you to bring color to your clients.  If your client wants an exquisite nail art design, CND shellac is the product for you. Shellac allows liberty for creative nail art as well as simple nail art designs. CND acrylic liquids allow you combine acrylic powders and additives. They are gentle on your nails and facilitate nail art designs. CND acrylic powders are advanced sculpting powders for tough enhancements, easy workability and standard color options. Creative nail designs also feature varied nail design forms that facilitate shaping your nails perfectly. They facilitate easy nail designs. CND nail tips allow you to have extended smile lines and fancy tips on your nails.

CND acrylic kits offer a wide range of kits that can be used on acrylic nails. Each kit serves a specific purpose like retention, hydration, nail design, retention and sculpting, touch up etc. their glitz and glam acrylic nail kit adds zing to your nails instantly.


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