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ColorMark: Great Way to Get Rid of Gray Hair

For many women, the graying fringe across their hairline is a cause for concern, as they age. Sometimes, the graying appears sooner than usual and you start looking for alternatives. Earlier, you would settle for splash colors or mascaras to get a temporary solution. ColorMark has solved this problem with an effective collection of liquid touch ups. 

The process is simple; concentrate on the graying parts; generally near side-burns and at the temple, and touch them up with pointed applicators. The color settles down quite fast and dries smoothly. You can do it yourself or resort to salons to do the needful. Colors available cover all moods; from crimson red to ash to black; from brunette to blonde. Its biggest plus point is that it seems one with your hairstyle; not as outrageous flakes.     

Just to ensure that color doesn’t trickle down to your skin, you can use the specialized protective comb. The color used here is quite natural, with no intervention of ammonia or peroxide. Thus there is no fear of allergy or other reactions.    

There are a few touch varieties as well among 15 available products, which seep into the adjacent hair that have retained their natural color. The entire dying process takes just one minute and when you feel like scrubbing it off; one session of shampoo will do it for you. 

The adventurous may find golden blonde and dark auburn quite ebullient. If you are sedate, rich black works as a wonder solution. Just go for color mark and find your gray roots gone.

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