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Nail care plays an essential role in any beauty regime. Your nails can reveal more about you than you really think. Your health can be evaluated by looking at your nails. Chipped, yellowish, brittle nails tend to signify nutritional deficiency. It is important to care for your nails to prevent fungal infections and painful in-growths. Club1 has launched its range of products that are designed to care for your nails and beautify them. If you want shiny, healthy nails that are strong then Club1 nail care products should be your choice.


Club1 nail care products is an varied assortment of different types of nail forms, nail tips, acrylic powder, acrylic liquids, nail brushes etc. each of these products are specially designed to help you in keeping your nails healthy without frequenting nail salons. Enjoy ‘stay at home nail care’ by using Club1 nail care range. If you always wanted to have those perfect square shaped nails without spending a fortune at nail salons then you must have a look at club1 range of nail forms. They are available in rectangular form and arc forms. They are easy to use and can deliver splendid results. You can also try Club1 acrylic liquids and powders. These liquids are designed beautify your nails using acrylic treatment. These high quality liquids can prevent yellowing of your nail surface. They also prevent other nail problems like lifting of nail bed due to poor acrylic treatment. Club1 clear Acrylic powder and pink Acrylic powder facilitates the process of sculpting your nails. These acrylic liquids and powders beautify your nails and promote their health.

Club1 range of nail products are high in quality and are affordable too. Don’t compromise with health and beauty of your nails. Buy the best nail care products from Club1 and say bye to yellow, weak and brittle nails.

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