OPI Nail Polish - Opening Night Champagne

OPI Nail Polish - Opening Night Champagne

OPI Nail Polish - Opening Night Champagne

Opening Night Champagne Opening night is a more of a feeling than an occasion. It celebrates a sense of achievement and a desire to excel. Reward yourself with this color that 'celebrates' your desires. The soft tones and sheen of this polish will have others regarding you in the highest esteem. It is quite literally a 'bottle of bubbly' and encompasses you with a sense of well being and achievement. You have never settled for anything less than perfection in the other departments…why settle for anything less here? Enhance your beauty and elegance and that sparkle with a top coat of Opening night champagne. Rejoice in your exquisiteness and attention to detail and pop open the bottle to let people know you've arrived and are here to stay. The color of Opening night champagne is fresh and unique and is the definition of flawlessness that encapsulates everything you touch. Exult in its rich shine and veneer which oozes style and elegance and feel sophisticated and suave while you achieve. A chic look for the modern woman who dares to achieve and revels in her achievements. So celebrate by rewarding yourself and what could be a bigger reward than a bottle of Opening night champagne. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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