OPI Melon of Troy

OPI Melon of Troy

OPI Melon of Troy

OPI Melon of Troy: Helen of Troy was perhaps the most inspired character in all literature both ancient and modern. A whole war was fought over her. The beautiful face of Helen launched a thousand ships and she was an enigma from the very first. OPI gives you a chance to feel as unique as Helen with this apricot shade that could launch a thousand ships! 'Melon of Troy' is a very alluring color in the 'Greek Isle Collection'. The color of apricot for your nails will impart a unique look quite different from the nail colors flaunted by others. Feel the vibe from others while you stand out in the crowd and be the la-di-da everyone wants to be related to! The color will give your nails a rich shinning finish and add luster and sheen that would make others wonder how much you take care of your nails but you know the truth! So let others try to copy you while you flaunt your true beauty and win the hearts of everyone that matters to you! The color of the apricot is sure to steal the show wherever you go and then do not complain if you become the object of affection in a short span of time! Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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