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Body Jewelry

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Body Jewelry – Define your Body

Jewelry has been a fascinating part of human ethos for centuries. Mainly destined to give a dazzle to women, now even the rough sex is gradually tilting towards its dispensation. Your body has numerous part that can be decorated with consummate pieces; notable being your nose, ear lobes, ankles, wrists and navel. Here is an eclectic collection of jewelry to suit your purpose and stand out from the crowd.

Coming to a woman’s navel, which originally has a crude appeal to it when exposed; you will find some gorgeous pieces that snug in there. Banana Bell Body Jewelry pieces such as Body Vibe Double Blue Flower Jewelry, Guitar on a Star, Heart with Chip Dangler and Pink Cherries are all variously though and perfectly finished. They are rich with shock value.

Your nose may usher scintillating lights of various proportions while getting adorned with white or yellow gold pieces. There are some Bio-Flex shafts; piercing nose screws, fish tails and prongs; each with a distinct flavor. Even your ankle has options in silver, gold, stainless steel and hard metals.

Your earlobe, perhaps the most expressive scope for jewelry, can be decorated with single hoops and tacks. There are crystal pieces and Tiffany specials to do you justice. You can also indulge in Birthstone gems and palladium pieces if you will. Your wrists can find some gorgeous stainless steel pieces with different designs.

You also have the privilege of jewelry care with ammoniated cleaners and disinfectants. There are beautiful jewelry holders as well. If you incur a cut through piercing, you can trust the antiseptics in store.

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