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BioTone Massage

You may feel alright and able to work through the day, but continuous rigor takes a toll on your body. There are some penetrating pains; coarseness of hands, calluses and joint or muscular pains. You will wonder at how an efficient Bio Tone Massage treatment can do to rejuvenate your body and refresh your mindset.

Bio Tone Massage has 5 ramifications; namely gel, cream variants, lotions, oils and salt glow. The various products catering to these sections take care of the different problems you may encounter body-wise. Each has been sincerely prepared and contains natural ingredients to pep up the effects. For instance, Bio Massage Gel contains apricot essence and sesame oils and softens your external surface with some poise besides according you freshness.

Bio Massage Creams are more versatile and does have potent natural ingredients such as cranberry, lavender, calendula and pomegranate. When these mix with essential oils and natural aromas, they grant you a fragrant outlook. These also offer you consummate hydration and gently soften out the flakes and dirt. Some products also have additional Arnica and Ivy to offer acute medicinal benefits.

Bio Massage Lotions like Foot Therapy Lotion and Deep Tissue Lotion work by penetrating your tissues and relieving internal stresses. Those who walk more will have amazing comfort application. Bio Massage Oils contain vivid mixes of essential oils such as Almond, Canola, Hawaiian White Ginger, Avocado and Jojoba as well as important Vitamins.

Bio Massage Salt Glow incorporates sea mud, salt and other particles to give you an earthy relief. All these massage treatments are praiseworthy.

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