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If you look for a novel technology to fashion and secure your nails; Backscratcher is just the recipe for you. It has comprehensive answers for your nails through its 4 efficient versions; Accleawrap, Extreme Glaze, Fiberglass and Septifile.

The quick brush-ons emerge from Accleawrap for quick work on the nails. If there is continual dirt alongside your cuticles, you can soak and remove them through Nail Neat Pads; which have square wefts to grasp the muck. Of course, with every nail polish, there is the added worry of removal. Stripr does it in style without acetone presence.

Nails are wont to split; form flakes, grow chips or simple grooves on their cross-section. This is semantically corrected by using Silk that is entirely made of China Silk and offers delectable treatment.    

If you cater to Fiberglass, you will be assured of two things; inducted strength of your nails and maintenance of natural poise. Cuticle Cut Fiberglass works effectively in damage correction related to your nails.

Extreme products are almost as versatile as Accleawrap which are sold at enailsupply. Its base glaze favorably fills in the gaps and is also proactive in creating tips. Glaze Drier will fade out glaze to the extent of 75% and wards out 3/4th of residues that actuate the glaze. You can work the effect with use of Glaze Sealer that will accord rare shine to your nails while securing them against harshness of the Sun.  

Thus, you can rest assured that the mentioned three versions can offer beauty, security and poise of your nails, while also helping in polish removal. Different products ooze out specialty in fast and slow applications respectively.

Septifile File and Buffer has 4 edges; two of 600-grit and 2 of 240 for fair and rough treatment. Thus, your nails are filed and chips effectively buffed out. This is also useful against calluses and hard skin surfaces.
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