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Zoya Lovely Collection - Spring 2013

Zoya has really excelled the way your nails appear with its fantastic spring collection of nail polishes. There are six shades that can give each other a run for the money. With each variant, the outlook is thin and sheer with the first coat. It deepens with successive coats and you can go with five of them. The shades are Julie, Gei Gei, Piaf, Blu, Jacqueline, Neely.

Gei Gei is perhaps the most outgoing versions; coming in flashy cobalt pink available at enailsupply. The elements startle almost with the first coat. It comes in warm and neutral tone. Julie is another vehement option in wisteria purple; which sparkles almost suggestively. It has a cool disposition and tone.

Jacqueline comes out with a sedate nude touch of beige. There is clear notion of gloss with this version. It has a warm and neutral tone.  Piaf is the yellow of pale sunshine and phases your nails with a delicate touch in cool tone.

For those who love eternal softness, Blu is the option. You get untouched blue hue with this in a cool tone and a sassy finish. Neely is for nature lovers; carrying the hue of morning grass. There is sparkle no doubt; but it is sedated with a soft finish. All versions are metallic.

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