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Vite 20 Variations
Vite 20 is the remedy you look for when you fungal problems. Moisture, wrong hygiene or product reactions often result in skin and nail fungus. The abject area gets discolored and loses its luster. This typically affects your fingers and toes. Vite 20 has two sensational products to rot out the problem: Anti Fungus Gel and anti Fungus Cream; both with different characteristics.

Vite 20 cream is formulated with typical disinfectants and ensures complete cure. It does that by weeding out the fungus affecting skin that surrounds your nail and toes. Dreaded infections like tinea pedis and tinea corporis are suggestively wiped out. The cream’s essential components permeate into the nails and strengthen the core. The areas blocked by fungus are propped with minute pores so that cream can vehemently do its job. It is also effective in softening the calluses and hardened nails or adjoining areas. This cream is an answer for different types of infection pertaining to yeast or bacteria as well. The best thing about it is that you can continue the application along with the antifungal capsules.

Vite 20 Nail Gel has a smooth working effect and all you require is a dry surface on which to apply. You can keep your nail polish intact. The gel reacts immediately with the existing fungus and annuls them by mere contact. You should apply it slowly but firmly and you will find results erupting quite quickly. The inherent ingredients are tailor-made to weed out fungal reactions. This gel also has a cooling suffusion to please you. It is however better to condition your nails with natural polishes and gels to eliminate chances of fungal reactions. The remedial process is succinct. You just need two applications per day; a matter of minutes. Roam free and with clean nails and toes and make hay.
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