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Nail Drills and Bits

Nails are windows to your health. A quick look at your nails can determine if you suffer from any nutritional deficiency or nail infections. Everybody loves perfectly shaped, shiny and healthy nails.  It is important to opt for regular nail treatments like manicure or pedicure to maintain the health of your nails. Nail technicians prefer using sophisticated tools to provide quick and effective service to their clients.


Some of the most important tools and accessories are nail drills, sanding bands, nail drill bits and nail care tool bits. Nail drills are electric tools that are designed to file the toe nail or finger nail to a desired length and width. This allows the nail technicians to work on the area in more efficient way. Nail drills are consistent in performance and they take lesser time to file thick nails.  Nail drills are aptly supported by drill bits. Drill bits are designed to clean the inner surface of your nails in order to make them ready for shaping. Nail drills are small tools that are available in different shapes and sizes. Each nail drill bit has a specific purpose attached to it. Combination of nail drill bits must be used depending on thickness and the size of client’s nails. Nail drill bits facilitate cleaning of nails by liberating the radicals under the nail surface. Sanding bands are another essential accompaniment to nail drills. Sanding bands consist of different grits which define the use of the sanding band. The grits also determine the speed at which you can work on them. Sanding bands are available in three variations namely coarse, medium and fine. Use coarse bands for heavy duty filing. Medium bands help in quick filing and smooth bands help in finishing the nail before buffing.

These drills and accessories are essential to deliver high quality treatment quickly.

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