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NSI Polish Pro UV Cured Gel Polish

I love the way these nail polish companies churn out newer and better products! I mean look at where we nail color lovers are now. From traditional nail colors we moved to gel polishes that are faster and easier to dry. And now we have NSI Polish Pro UV Cured Gel Polish that threatens to blur out the older and still-used nail color techniques!

One of the oldest names in nail coloring, NSI has showed the road to the future as far as nail coloring is concerned. The Pro UV cured gel polish sounds like gel isn’t it? It’s far better in quality and looks, has a life expectancy of two weeks, and promises no drying time, peels or smudges. The fact is, NSI Pro UV Cured Gel is more like a polish that covers only the natural nail without damaging it. Don’t expect any extension like in Gels.

We are offering you the NSI Polish Pro UV Cured Gel Polish with a complete shade-card of 24 NSI Polish Pro shades, the base and top coats, NSI Ultra Professional Lamp and one replacement bulb.

The colors? Oh they are mind blowing! Cappuccino is deliciously soft cream-brown and Espresso is very dark. Among the reds, I liked Crimson that’s got tiny micro-flakes of white and red. Desert Sand will tickle your imagination. It’s not brown or sandy but a lovely shade of red! Find a hint of gold over fuchsia pink in Fruit Smoothie, and experiment with the purple spectrum of Eggplant, Purple Pearl and Wild Berry. Midnight is seductively blue-black and Jade is deep green.

NSI Ultra Professional Lamp is a small looking but superior UV nail dryer. It’s a both-hands-at-one-go UV lamp having a sound reflective coating inside for uniform heating and drying. Choose from three timer settings for the effect you want
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