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Essie Resort Collection 2011

Planning to go hopping around the world and get that relaxation that you have been vying for since weeks? Don’t go alone. As you pack your bags and plan your trip, do remember to carry a few off-the-routine nail colors to get into the groove of just letting go! Wear the party on your finger nails and make your vacation a nail adventure!

I strongly recommend the Essie Resort Collection. Really, Essie has done it again! Definitely a cool array of nail colors to choose from, this year’s collection brings forth some interesting shades.  I hear the hues have drawn inspiration from South Africa. Needless to say, the wild and flirtatious names that the colors have will swing you through a getaway of fun and adventure!

Of these four shades, I tried the Fair Game first. It applied perfectly to my fingernails and left them looking psychedelic! I have to say the metallic touch to this earthier version of stone grey flaunts that coquettish mood in you. A two coat finish is all you need.

All colors spread well, are easy to remove and don’t leave a trace on the fingernail. So if you want to switch from the boldness of Fair Game to a prettier, Your Hut or Mine it takes only minutes! This one is deliciously pink and looks good anytime, anywhere. A classier variation in pink is Lion Around that swings towards peach. Expect a lacquered touch that roars out for attention in the crowd.

Tropical is the word for Da Bush, that, I found is the most intriguing of the lot. A super diluted shade of sage green, a two coat will give your nails exactly the same look as in the bottle. So what are you waiting for! Order your four piece cube having each of these delectable colors today. You can also go for the 12 bottle designer display if you want to share the pack and get value for money!

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